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World of Warcraft European Comunity

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FREAKOUT Jul. 22nd, 2009 @ 07:39 pm

what would you do if your WoW account was cancelled?

this kid is freaking out coz his mom cancelled his account. holy crap!


would any of you freak out like this? i would totally freak out, but not nearly as much as this kid

Zombie invasion 2008 on European realms! Oct. 20th, 2008 @ 03:23 pm
To offer European players a way to participate in Grumble & Autumnn's Zombie Invasion, Lemmings of the Light of EU-Aszune is setting up a mirror run!

Lemmings of the Light have a trackrecord with low level runs - we've got a bazillion hits on youtube with our Level 1 Lemming-gnome raid on the Undercity - so expect a video and screenshots of the event afterwards. To add to the fun, the zombie with the best name gets a prize!

Here's the original post adapted to Euro times. :)

On Thursday Oct 30th, at 8pm server time (gmt +1) on Aszune Wilgje and Lemmings of the Light will be hosting the first European annual Zombie Invasion. Note it will be the day BEFORE Halloween. We choose this because many players are parents who take their kids out. We also thought since WotLK comes outsoon, Halloween would be a prime day for Blizz to have their pre-xpac world event since the whole expansion is based around the undead.

We will start raid invites at 7.30pm server time (gmt +1). Make a level 1 Undead. We will be hanging out around the starting area. We will make a trek from Undercity area to Stormwind and storm the gates.

Only thing we ask if you dont spam in /general or /yell. Yes it is great to have fun but spamming the same word or sentence just to be a butthead is not cool.

Information about the American (original) version (on Shandris_US) at http://grumblenautumnn.blogspot.com

Crossposted between WoW_Europe and WoW_ladies, apologise if you get this twice

Greetings, fellow Europeans! <3 Jan. 25th, 2008 @ 01:40 pm
I've been a serial alt-hopper for what seems like too long, though I've finally made the decision to buckle down and stick with Nyoka. She's an Undead Warlock, currently level 52 on Shadowsong, and as she's veering towards end-game, I figured it was time I'd sit and think about her end-game prospects.

Prior to the decision of making Nyoka my main, I had been playing as Alliance on Shadowsong. That's a server where my boyfriend knew the GM of a casual and friendly raiding guild, and as he was ensured a spot in raiding whenever he wanted, the same went for me. I realize there is no chance of that happening in another guild, but I'm just wondering what the chances are of a decent, friendly raiding guild recruiting someone who has no end-game experience to speak of.

I suppose what I'm really asking are two questions-
1. How did you find (and get into) the raiding guild you're in?
2. Are any Horde raiding guilds recruiting? Do you make allowances for the less-experienced players who are willing to learn?

I've accepted that the chances of me finding such a guild on Darkmoon Faire is rather slim, what with it being a roleplaying server and all. I'm more than willing to transfer when Nyoka is ready, and when I have at least a semi-secured position in a raiding guild somewhere else.

Edit: My boyfriend and I have come to the decision that we will stay on Shadowsong, at least until we've both gathered more experience. Thank you for the replies, though. :)
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Jan. 20th, 2008 @ 11:49 pm
Hmph I sort of always knew this community existed but never posted.

Just wondering if anyone here plays Horde-side on Skullcrusher or Alliance-side on Deathwing? My attempts at finding server-friends on wow_ladies has proved futile :P

If either, please whisper Shamantha (H - Skullcrusher) Stromwight (ditto) or Jey (A - Deathwing)!

Orrrr... any Swiss players? :D I've found maybe three people in four years. Boo.

Slightly vulgar Nov. 25th, 2007 @ 03:18 am
I play a tankadin paladin but I have a lot of holy friends. However, one thing that bugs me is...

when they buff themselves up, buff you up, and then start spamming healing spells on you to see if it will crit.

I always feel a bit violated :P Am I alone in this? Or does my server have the only spammy healadins in WoW?
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Other entries
» Rage ReduX, Alliance guild on EU Shadowsong, looking for more members
Rage Redux is currently recruiting new members. We are looking both for high-level characters to join as we start moving every so carefully into Karazhan and for lower level members who are interesting in joining our particular brand of insanity. RR is not a hardcore raiding guild, and we understand that RL always comes before WoW. We're first and foremost about having fun and seeing as much as we can of the game together, and our primary recruitment criteria is that you fit in with the other members and act maturely.

Raiding happens when and if there are people available who feel like it, and is usually planned anything from two days to two weeks in advance. Most normal 5-man runs can be put together within a day or two, and we're always happy to help guildies out. Be aware that most guild runs will start around 8 pm GMT as most of our members are in the UK, but we do have several people who are habitually on earlier and who would gladly see runs earlier in the night.

Please visit our homepage to find out more or apply.
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to whisper me in-game (Divya or Arunima) to discuss these (please remember to mention this post, however!).
» Righteous Defense macro?
Hey guys,

Just a simple question - I wonder how my fellow paladins use their Righteous Defense spell. I have configured Benecast now, but it stays a pain in the behind to have to check who is having the aggro when you're maintanking (I can handle the multitasking just fine when I'm being my off-tanky support self :) )! Non-paladins: it's a taunt that is not applied to the mob you're fighting, but the person getting aggro from the mob.

So, does anyone have any tips or macro's perhaps? :) I really don't have much macro-skillz besides the /target /cast!

Any help is appreciated!
» Intro

hi im new to this community

ive just started playing this game and i find it quite addictive....its scary

my name is wajd from Dubai, UAE. i am currently playing at a game store where most of the people here play on europe's server. i can ask around if ever i need advice in the game, so far so good. Plus my computer is too damn slow to play the game, gotta get it upgraded or something

My main character is Night Elf Hunter (bleakus) and my other character is a human warlock (Operus). im currently playing on Killrogg realm

is there a way i can move my character to different realms?

» The no1 most hated person on Dragonblight
I was just on a raid in UBRS when one of the raidmembers told us this announcement: Snowprincess just ninja'd the epic baron mount.
First I was surprised to hear it dropped on our server (Dragonblight), then horrified because i knew that player. My guild partied with her before and i didn't like her then. She was rolling on BoP items telling us she didn't mean to etc. Now this news of the Baron brought out some more facts about this player, she did this in every group she went on raids with. Very clever of her.
I immediately told my guild and we all put her on our blacklist. I went back to IF and the gossip began.
This is the story of one stupid ninja:
Snowprincess is in the Frostmourne guild. They went to Strat with some other players. She was made masterlooter.
After a while one of her guildmembers Happyday started to roll on BoP things and ninja'd the key to the city. Some people left then, but not all. Now Happyday is by some people a known ninja (nice guild isn't it....full of ninja's).
The arrive at the baron and the mount drops. Everyone is happy but then she hs out of the instance with the mount and the frostmourne members all go with her, leaving some angry players behind.
Most people hate her and i can't blame them. She is showing off her mount in Elwyn and i saw her in STV.
No one will ever form a party with her so i'm not sure if it's worth what she did. The frostmourne guild broke up, because of a bad rep. And even snowprincess found a new small guild she could join (i think they missed the whole ninja-story).
There were some carebears who were saying in IF that we should forget the whole incident and 'stop the hate'. They probably never been ninja'd before...
I think everyone can make a mistake with picking up a BoP item, i did so myself once. But for ninja's i have no respect. I'm not going into an instances for a couple of hours to be robbed from stuff i could use.
» (No Subject)

I'm new to this community so I figured I'd post an introduction-ish thing. ^^

My name's Tine, I'm 17 and from Belgium. I'm pretty new to WoW, I bought the game a week ago. One of my friends got me into it, she kept saying how great it was so I checked out the site and decided to try it myself. It sucks that all of my friends who play WoW are on the american servers though.

My main char is Relke, a lvl 15 troll hunter. My alts are a lvl 9 night elf rogue, a lvl 11 human mage and a lvl 5 tauren shaman. They're all on Shadowsong. Anyone else here who plays on that server?
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