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World of Warcraft European Comunity

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Aug. 6th, 2005 @ 10:25 pm
hey i wrote here before talking about my level 12 druid, but i made a new char, currently level 50 (gnome rogue - nym) on Deathwing server :D

anyone on there?
im a member of the Black Ravens.

/wave Jul. 25th, 2005 @ 01:17 pm
Hey all, I'm new to the community. I play on Earthen Ring, and have characters on both sides. Not sure what else to say, but I'm glad there's a euro community for us.


RP-server? Jun. 27th, 2005 @ 02:37 pm
After playing a while on a PvE-server, i found myself getting a bit bored with the lack of RP on that server. So i decided to make a new char on Earthen Ring. I'm just doing the starting quests there, but already i get the feeling that this RPG-server, isn't about RP. Before i entered a rpg-server i read about the rules on the off. site of WoW. But it seems that nobody is living up to those rules and i hear people talk about the same stuff they talk about on my normaal PvE-server.
Is Earthen Ring a good RPG-server? Is it all going to get better after I leave the starting areas? If so, does anyone know a fun guild i could join there?


Apr. 17th, 2005 @ 04:36 am
I thought I'd introduce myself, because it is very cool to see European players when in every other community everyone is American. :)

I'm from Germany, but my main alt is on Stormrage, one of the English PvE servers. Playing a troll shaman, Ishgrinnac, currently at level 32. I have two more characters, a level 27 NE hunter on Malfurion (German PvE) and a level 17 dwarven priestess on Forscherliga (German RP). I am going to start over again with a new priestess because two UK friends just picked up their copies, so I am excited about playing with friends soon. I found it impossibly hard to solo with my priestess, so grouping will be nice. :) My shaman kicks ass though.
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*Yawn* Apr. 11th, 2005 @ 02:31 am
Well, It's been a crappy two weeks for WoW as far as I can see.
If it's not bugs and lag, it's crashes and server outages and no-one from Blizzard really letting us know what's going on besides the usual and very occasional "We know there is a problem, it is being fixed, please wait four years, thanks bye." posts on the forum. All this since the 1.3.0 patch. And apparently another 250,000 copies going out to stores around Europe this Friday... looking bad.

Love the game, but it seems we're in the dark with a terrible mess of technical issues and no light to be seen on the other side at the moment.


Eitherway, I am still on Lagfist, formerly known as Bladefist(ed), with numerous characters...

Level 35 Human Warrior, my main.
Level 18 Night Elf Rogue, so I can play when the Eastern Kingdoms go down. :\
Level 15 Human Mage, because I wanted an Enchanter in my arsenal.
Level 11 Human Paladin, since they are apparently wicked sick.
Level 5 Dwarven Hunter, as I was bored and haven't yet bothered to play any more of, heh. :P

So, how's everyone fairing with crashes and lag and other fun things? Seems to be a lot of people at the moment judging by the torrent of complaints on the forums, but anyone here having the same issues?
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Other entries
» The outsiders, alliance guild looking for members on Dragonblight
We are currently looking for players to join our guild. New members will undergo a week trial of membership to see if they like the guild and if the veteran members and it's leaders can get along with the new member. We are looking for nice people who are mature (or can act mature ;)) and like to help out their fellow guildies.

The Outsiders promotes courtesy and good manners for both game play and chatting. Polite and helpful players will not be unappreciated in our guild by any means. We don't care what your level is. So all low levelers don't be shy and join. We are also looking for high level players (lvl. 40-45 and higher). Our guild is an English speaking guild but we don't mind if people talk in their native language at times. Just make sure other guild members don't feel left out if you do.

Some things we do as a guild:
* Occasional raids (possible pvp)
* Tournaments (dueling) with prices
* Helping members getting their mount
* Contests (also with prices)
* And more.....

If you're interested or have any questions, please feel free to message/mail Yorrick, Oronil and Conundrum. We will respond promptly.
» Any good Alliance guilds on Deathwing?
Hi all. :)

My main is a level 18 rogue on Azjol-Nerub (formerly a level 17 hunter and level 15 rogue on Warsong, switched because Warsong queues suck). I usually just solo or hang out with a friend or two with my rogue, but I decided to make a more team-orientated char, so I slinked on over to Deathwing and made myself a priest, who is currently level 9. Anyways, since priests are decidedly team players, I'm looking for a good, mature, English-speaking guild on Deathwing. Can anyone here recommend some to me? :)

I know level 9 isn't much, but I only started the char yesterday. I doubt it'll take me long to get to a more respectable level. :P

Edit: No guilds with names in ALL CAPS. Seriously.
» (No Subject)
I'm on Dragonblight as Tundrarah and Shattered Hands as Alena. I've had the game a week now, but it seems far longer. I'm meant to be doing uni Illustration projects but every time I pick up a pencil I draw WoW!

Night Elf | Rogue
» (No Subject)
Hey i have a lvl 16 tauren druid on skullcrusher, i'm part of the crazy eighty eight guild. i level really slowly :P

that's all!
» Addicted all the way
Hello all!

Just joined this comm and think it cool to have a space just for the European players here on lj. =)
Well, I have been playing WoW since February 11th and my social life has suffered a lot since then. It was quite addictive right from the start and I did try out all kinds of races and classes. I mainly stick to my Undead Mage Crowley (who is level 23 right now).

Mainly playing Horde on Mal'Ganis, a German PvP server - also playing a bit Alliance on Malfurion (Main there is a level 13 Nightelf Rogue).
So I'm open to both sides, and have met nice people inGame in both factions.

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