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Zombie invasion 2008 on European realms! - World of Warcraft European Comunity

About Zombie invasion 2008 on European realms!

Previous Entry Zombie invasion 2008 on European realms! Oct. 20th, 2008 @ 03:23 pm Next Entry
To offer European players a way to participate in Grumble & Autumnn's Zombie Invasion, Lemmings of the Light of EU-Aszune is setting up a mirror run!

Lemmings of the Light have a trackrecord with low level runs - we've got a bazillion hits on youtube with our Level 1 Lemming-gnome raid on the Undercity - so expect a video and screenshots of the event afterwards. To add to the fun, the zombie with the best name gets a prize!

Here's the original post adapted to Euro times. :)

On Thursday Oct 30th, at 8pm server time (gmt +1) on Aszune Wilgje and Lemmings of the Light will be hosting the first European annual Zombie Invasion. Note it will be the day BEFORE Halloween. We choose this because many players are parents who take their kids out. We also thought since WotLK comes outsoon, Halloween would be a prime day for Blizz to have their pre-xpac world event since the whole expansion is based around the undead.

We will start raid invites at 7.30pm server time (gmt +1). Make a level 1 Undead. We will be hanging out around the starting area. We will make a trek from Undercity area to Stormwind and storm the gates.

Only thing we ask if you dont spam in /general or /yell. Yes it is great to have fun but spamming the same word or sentence just to be a butthead is not cool.

Information about the American (original) version (on Shandris_US) at http://grumblenautumnn.blogspot.com

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